Entrepreneurship and career education programme developed teachers and young people’s competencies

The Ministry of Education and Research launched and Education and Youth Board of Estonia  implemented entrepreneurship and career education programme in 2016-2023. The aim of the programme was to encourage the enterprising spirit in Estonian students and teachers and to ensure that creating the sense of initiative and developing entrepreneurial and career competencies would become a natural part of education.


By developing the sense of initiative, entrepreneurial and career competencies and providing the learners with relevant experiences, everyone will have more opportunities in shaping their career, irrespective of what they want to be in future – an active employee, an entrepreneur or an active citizen. Our aim was that all those who study in Estonia at the level of pre-school, general, vocational, higher education will have an opportunity to develop career and entrepreneurial skills.

Activities of the programme were:


COLLABORATION NETWORK: Education and Youth Board, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Economics and Communication, Ministry of Finance, Junior Achievement Estonia, 8 universities of Estonia, county development centres. 

WHO FINANCES? The total programme budget for the years 2016−2023 was co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Government of Estonia. The programme has been prepared for the implementation of the Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy, and its main aim was to bring study opportunities into line with the needs of the labour market.


All career and entrepreneurship education materials for teachers are in E-Koolikott: